Upholstery Cleaning

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist prides itself on superior upholstery cleaning for your delicate fabric and leather furniture. As with carpet cleaning, the preferred method for fabric upholstery cleaning is hot water extraction. Obviously this is not applicable to fabrics that require dry cleaning. Specially formulated detergents are used to accommodate the delicate nature of the upholstery and extra attention is given to the level of water pressure used.The sensitive task of cleaning that much loved lounge or chair is achieved through the use of a special hand (upholstery) tool. The design of this tool ensures the most efficient cleaning without damaging that beloved item of furniture. The service includes lounges, chairs, and car and boat upholstery.

The method involves the following stages:

Step 1

Pre Vacuum: Any loose items of dirt or particles are removed prior to pre-spraying the upholstery.

Step 2

Pre-Treat: The fabric is treated with an appropriate pre spray and then agitated with a special upholstery brush loosening any dirt and grime in the fabric.

Step 3

Hot water Extraction:  As with the carpet cleaning process hot water extraction is utilised to rinse and clean all the soil and dirt that has accumulated on the fabric.Special consideration is made on the level of spraying pressure. Note that we cannot guarantee all stains to be removed as some a permanent may have affected the underlay of the upholstery.

Step 4


Fabric Protection: Why not have a protective layer applied to your much loved furniture which will act as shield to the many spills that may occur.


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