Stain Removal

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist can assist with those stubborn spots and stains that have plagued your precious carpet.

Standard spotting and stain removal is an inclusion with our carpet cleaning service.

If there are special stains that have not been removed through the normal cleaning process then we will consider other options such as “heat transfer” or “dyeing”. These options will be discussed with the client and a quote issued for their appraisal.

We will discuss if those stubborn stains are going to respond to further treatment as some are permanent and cannot be removed. We cannot guarantee all stain removal but we can guarantee to try!



The best course of action when dealing with a spill, is to dilute the area by blotting with water and a white towel.

Do not rub the stain as this will cause it to spread which is what you don’t want. Blot from the edge of the stain to the centre until the stain is faded .Allow the area to dry or use a hair dryer to expedite the process.

For solid or semi-solid spills utilize a spoon to scoop the spilled item. Dry as above.

If the stain is not responsive you should call a qualified carpet technician to assist with the stain removal.

Avoid using bleaching agents or alkaline as these may permanently change the colour and PH (the level of acidity or alkalinity) of the carpet.

Rule of thumb

  •   Don’t rub the stain.
  •   Don’t use super market cleaning products as they may worsen the problem.
  •   Don’t panic- but you do need to take action immediately as the longer the stain is left the greater the possibility that it will be permanent.


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