Emergency Jobs

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist, places great importance on being accessible to its clients in their time of need.   Emergency circumstances arise occasionally and it is reassuring to know that you can rely on a quality service provider, to assist in this time of need.

Whether it is a flooded apartment or just that late call for a carpet clean, “Solutions” are always ready to support.

Solutions” specialise in same day service.



  • Remove all items off the affected areas in preparation for water extraction. This includes any furniture or items that have been exposed to water.
  • Ensure that the source of the leak has been stopped.
  • Open windows and doors to allow air through the house to assist with dry time.
  • Remove any items of paper that cannot be restored.
  • Call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on,0404 018 765.

Spill on the Carpet

  • Scoop up any solid items using a spoon.
  • Use a clean white towel with water to blot the stained area. Do not rub as this will spread the stain.
  • Call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on 0404 018 765.

Pet Accident

  •  Absorb as much of the urine with a towel.
  • Do not use any ammonia or products containing ammonia as the pet urine contains this chemical and this may be an invitation for the animal to re-offend in the same area.
  • Call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on 0404 018 765.

End of Lease Clean

  •  If you are a tenant and want to get your bond back then you need to seek the services of the right carpet cleaning service. We at Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist work closely with many Estate Property Managers and know exactly how to meet their standards.
  • We can’t guarantee that you will get your bond back, but we can guarantee that we will improve the state of the carpet, giving you a better chance for the bond return.

Same Day Service

  • Call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on 0404 018 765.
  • One of our main priorities is helping customers out of a crisis situation. If that means that a job needs to be done “same day” then we will do whatever possible to accommodate



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