Mattress Cleaning


Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist can help you eliminate those nasty dust mites from your beloved bed!

The process is similar to a carpet or upholstery clean.

Step 1

Pre-vacuuming, removing any particles or debris from the mattress .preparing for the clean. 

Step 2

Pre-Spray, the mattress is pre sprayed using a special anti-allergen cleaning solution. This will break down the dirt and grime.

 Step 3

Hot water extraction, the mattress is cleaned with our special hand held tool using hot water to extract any dirt on the mattress.

Step 4

Allergy Relief Treatment, This is the “knockout blow” for those nasty allergens as we spray the Allergy Relief Treatment on the mattress, neutralizing their unwanted side effects.

 Step 5

Deodorising, if required we can deodorize the mattress leaving it with the freshest scent ready for your next great night sleep.


PLEASE NOTE: Not all stains on your mattress will be possible to remove.Those that are yellow and old and have penetrated through the fabric are very difficult to remove. As with all stains we will definitely try to remove but cannot guarantee to do so.

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