Flood Restoration (Water damage)

Whether it is a burst pipe or a structural leak Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist can assist with those untimely flooding disasters.

It is imperative that the water affected areas are attended to immediately in order to stop the build-up of mould, permanent discolouration of your carpet and any other issues that may arise as a result of the moisture.

Our procedure is as follows:

Step 1

Inspect the affected area and formulate a flood restoration plan with the purpose of minimising damage to affected areas. This includes moving any furniture that may require so.

Step 2

 Water extraction-We use powerful vacuums to remove the water built up on the flooring.

Step 3

 Inspect the floor, underlay, and backing of the carpeted area and establish if it can be restored or if it requires removal.

Step 4

 Treatment, Application of anti-browning solution to carpeted area, to assist in the prevention of discolouration. Further treatment of the carpet, backing and underlay with an anti-microbial/mould solution.

Step 5    

 Install Drying equipment, Involves the installation of air movers and /or dehumidifiers to accelerate dry time and assist with minimising damage.

Step 6

Follow up inspections, Return to premises daily or other day to inspect the progress of the restoration.

Step 7 

Carpet Cleaning, Steam Clean, sanitise and deodorise the carpet post drying.

Step 8

 Final Inspection  Provide a  report to the client upon completion of the restoration.




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