1. How often should I get my carpet cleaned? There are many factors which determine the frequency of a carpet clean. For example;

  • Do you wear outdoor footwear on the carpet?
  • Is the carpet used domestically or commercially?
  • Do you have pets on the carpet?
  • Do you have young children?
  • How often is the carpet vacuumed?
  • Does any person have Allergies or respiratory disorders?

There are many other questions that could be asked when trying to determine the frequency of a carpet clean but for simplicity 6-12 months is a good guideline. A professional carpet technician will be able to advise what is appropriate for each individual case.

2. How long will the carpet take to dry? There are many factors that affect carpet dry time. These include:

  • The current weather conditions
  • The amount of ventilation through the area cleaned
  • The level of humidity
  • The level of soiling i.e .The water pressure required for dirtier carpet is greater.

A good carpet cleaning technician will be able to determine the correct amount of detergent and water pressure rinse to utilise. The carpet clean should only involve wetting the carpet fibres themselves and not the backing, underlay or flooring.

3. How soon can I walk on the carpet? You should be able to walk on the carpet immediately. Please note that if your footwear is soiled then there is a risk of the carpet being re soiled. That is how it gets dirty to start with.

4. Why is there such a variation of prices charged from carpet cleaner to carpet cleaner? Carpet Cleaning is not a regulated industry so anyone can provide the service without a licence or education. The result of this is what we refer to as “Cowboys” who enter the market thinking they will make a quick buck by offering ridiculously cheap prices. The problem is they do not have the skills to do the job properly and they compensate for cheap prices by either taking shortcuts or partaking in “bait and switch”. This is where they offer a cheap price to bait customers into booking a clean then when they arrive to do the job they add all these extra costs eg spot and stain furniture removal, extra soiling charge and deodorising. DON’T BE FOOLED. A reputable carpet cleaner will include spot and stain removal and deodorising as part of the price. The only time you may have to pay addition costs is when the information provided was not accurate.

5. Will furniture be moved as a part of the service? Yes we will move furniture provided that it is feasible and safe to do so. Items such as lounges, chairs and beds with wheels can be moved. Bookshelf’s, computers and audio visual equipment will not be moved. It is a good practice to remove items before the carpet cleaner arrives ensuring that the areas that you definitely want cleaned will be.

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