Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist offers a wide range of commercial carpet cleaning.

Whether it is a five star hotel needing an emergency clean or a factory office that has taken the brunt of all the warehouse filth. “Solutions” are ready to assist!

Business owners take great pride in their place of operation so keeping the carpeted areas clean is of paramount importance.

We at “Solutions” follow the highest level of Occupational Health and Safety standards and place great importance on respecting the business environment.

We also have $10 million Public liability insurance giving peace of mind to business owners seeking our service. That is our commitment to excellence!

Advantages of  a regular clean

  •  Economical, Increases the life of the carpet and the impending need to replace it. This ultimately saves a business a substantial expense.
  • Visual, having clean carpet contributes to the overall appearance of a business  environment. This will significantly influence the the image of the business from the perspective of customers.
  •  Safety,  Many commercial environments have stairways which are carpeted . if these are free of stains and particles there will be a reduction in potential falls. In the era of high  OH&S standards it is imperative to minimise such risk factors.
  •  Clean Working Environment, A clean work environment lends itself to a fresher sense of being and  employees will appreciate this  taking  greater pride in their place of employment.


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