Carpet Cleaning (Hot water extraction)


Solutions -Carpet Cleaning Specialist offers the most superior carpet cleaning method.

Hot Water Extraction or “Steam cleaning” has proven to be incredibly effective in deep carpet dirt removal.

The hot water combined with cleaning solution and the pressure rinse offers the most effective means of carpet soil removal.

The method involves the following steps:

Step 1

Carpet Inspection The carpet PH is tested determining cleaning solution requirement. The extent of soiling and stains are further appraised

Step 2

Pre-vacuuming   Upon visual inspection the carpet is pre vacuumed, removing any   dust or dirt particles.

Step 3

Application of pre-spray The carpet is sprayed with a powerful environmentally friendly cleaning solution resulting in the breakdown of dirt in the carpet fibres. This allows soil and dirt separation for the purpose of extraction.

Step 4

Carpet Agitation A rotary machine or grooming rake is utilised to increase pre-spray penetration of the carpet fibres, ensure soil separation and assist the removal of spots and stains.

Step 5

Spotting Any remaining spots/stains are further treated after initial agitation to remove those final stubborn marks.

Step 6

Hot water Extraction This stage involves using a powerful, portable carpet cleaning machine. The process involves high pressure water being sprayed through the carpet cleaning wand. This combines with the pre-sprayed cleaning solution to dissolve dirt and soil from the carpet fibres and then vacuumed into the machine.

Step 7

Deodorisation The carpet is further sprayed with a refreshing fragrance to leave it smelling fresh.

Step 8

Final Inspection The carpet is inspected upon completion of the work and a verbal report issued to the client for their appraisal.



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