Best Lounge Cleaner

Best Lounge Cleaner


For the very best lounge cleaner in Sydney look no further than Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist!

We offer much experience and knowledge in the field of upholstery/lounge/sofa cleaning.

We use and recommend the highly effective hot water extraction method -Also known as steam cleaning.

The method guarantees the deepest and most efficient clean of your precious lounge.

For all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs please call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on 0404018765!

The Method by Best Lounge Cleaner

  1. Pre vacuum the lounge removing any debri or loose particles.
  2. Pre spray the special anti- allergy cleaning solution
  3. Agitate the cleaning solution with a special horse hair brush loosening all dirt from the fabric.
  4. Rinse all the dirt and cleaning solution with a special rinsing agent to neutralise the cleaning solution.
  5. Vacuum all the dirt and cleaning solution from the lounge leaving it fresh and clean.
  6. Deodorise the lounge leaving a beautiful fresh scent.
  7. Apply a special upholstery protector to help fight against any future stains or resoiling.
best lounge cleaner

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Blacktown

Upholstery Trivia

  • The word upstery comes from the middle English word upholder-which was a reference to a tradesman holding up their  goods.
  • Traditional upholsters used animal hair from horse ,pigs ,cows and natural materials .
  • Modern day upholstery uses synthetic material eg vinyl.
  • There are many different types of use for upholstery eg domestic home,marine,automotive and traditional.
  • The type of material depends greatly on what type of use the upholstery is made for .eg If it is marine   type it needs to be UV resistant and durable from water damage.
  • There are many types of fabrics used for upholstering purposes including silk,leather ,cotton ,nylon,polyester,wool and velvet.
  • There are many different choices for upholstery fabric. Leather is a very popular choice as an upholstery fabric, as it is delightfully soft yet resistant to spills and stains

Sofa cleaning 

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