BEST Carpet Cleaning Penrith

Best Carpet Cleaning Penrith

If you are looking for the best and most affordable carpet cleaning service in Penrith -Look no further!!

Carpet Cleaning Penrith will make your life supremely easier by offering a proficent and well organised service !

We will cleaning the following:

  1. Your precious carpet
  2. Your Lounges
  3. Your mattresses
  4. Your car upholstery/mats
  5. Your Rugs

Why not get your carpet or lounges protected to add an extra layer against those nasty spills?

Ask our friendly staff for advice on how to maintain the life of your carpet ,rugs and lounges. DONT HESITATE CALL NOW 0404018765

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist-Best Carpet Cleaning Penrith  are your professional and  trusted local area carpet cleaning business.

Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist-Best Carpet Cleaning Penrith take great pride in delivering a friendly,efficient and affordable carpet cleaning service.

DON’T hesitate to  call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist-Best Carpet Cleaning Penrith on 0404 018 765 for a friendly reliable service!

best carpet cleaning penrith

best carpet cleaning penrith


Best Carpet Cleaning Penrith -The Method


  1. Give us a call on 0404 018 765 and our friendly team will speak with you about your job requirement.We will offer all the advise you need to clarify any queries.
  2. Get a quote:  Our friendly staff will give you an obligation free quotation over the phone for regular type cleans .For more complex commercial type jobs we will send a technician to site inspect and then issue a written quotation.
  3. Inspect/Prepare : Our friendly technician will greet you in uniform with a smile.They will then proceed to inspect the job requirement and begin the  preparation i.e moving furniture ,looking for stains etc.
  4. Pre-Vacuum:  Our friendly technician will proceed to vacuum any debris or dust  on the surface of the carpet .Note this is only necessary if there is a great amount of visible dust.
  5. Pre-Spraying/Spotting:The Carpet will then be pre sprayed using a environmentally friendly cleaning solution. The solution will penetrate deep in the carpet fibres breaking down and releasing the embedded  dirt. In addition to this any spots/stains are treated with special products to remove those stubborn marks.
  6. Agitating: Depending on the level of soiling on the carpet will determine if the technician uses this stage. It is normally only required for heavily soiled areas.It involves forcing the cleaning solution deep throughout the carpet fibres to facilitate dirt breakdown.
  7. Rinsing: The next stage of the process involves using a powerful industrial strength machine. The carpet is rinsed with a rinsing agent balancing the carpet PH. All the excess dirt is extracted through the powerful vacuums and into the machine itself.Leaving no waste on the carpet.
  8. Carpet Grooming:  If the customer requires we can also groom the carpet lifting the fibres making them look pleasing to the eye.

 It is recommended getting the carpets cleaned in this fashion every 6-18 months.

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Great Job

Mar 18, 2017 by Trevor

Thanks to the team who cleaned my filthy carpet .You did a wonderful job and were very professional!!!
See you next time


Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist 0404018765 29 Smith st Parramatta NSW, 2050 Australia 5.0 5.0 1 1 Thanks to the team who cleaned my filthy carpet .You did a wonderful job and were very professional!!!See you next time Trev
Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist
29 Smith st ParramattaNSW2050 Australia 
 • 0404018765
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