5 BEST tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta

5 Best tips for carpet cleaning  Parramatta

  1.  Vacuum your carpet at least once a week. This will maintain the life of the carpet by halting the buildup of gritty particles .As part of this process you should every few weeks move items of furniture eg heaters , coffee tables and lounges to vacuum those hard to reach areas.
  2. Regarding spots and spills – It is most important to clean them immediatley as this will give you the best chance of totally removing the stain. Carefully blot or scrape the spill  remvoing as much of it as possible.Do not rub the spill as this may spread it to a larger area making  it more difficult to remove .Before using any cleaning solution test it on an inconspicuous area to make sure that it doesnt damage the carpet eg colour change. Use a clean white towel and blot the stain from the outside working it to the inside.
  3. For any carpet cleaning job you need to be ready with a course of action for the specific stain . Not all stains get treated in the same manner with the same product . eg Acid spills such as vinegar or drain cleaner need to be cleaned immediatley . Dilute them with baking soda and water .You can the try a mixture of  1 part ammonia with 10 parts water .Rince with cold water and wait til its dry .Then proceed to dry vacuum the area .
  4. For indentation of carpet try using steam to bring the fibres back up.This can be done using the steam from an iron. Hold the iron close enough for the steam to hit the carpet but be very cautious to not allow the iron to touch the carpet . This will burn the carpet leaving a peranent mark. You can then lift the carpet fibres up with a coin of spoon.
  5. Sometimes carpets are just too dirty to do anything with by yourself .At this time you should now consider the servcies of a professiona carpet cleaner. They will range in price and qualification but a good gauge  of reference is to listen to the person you are booking the job with. If they sound acticulate and friendly then chances are they will probably do a good job. If they are rude and try to onsell or fearyou into a booking that usually means they are scammers . Also be very careful of the cheap guys. They are cheap for a reson .What you pay for is what you get.For the very BEST carpet cleaning in Parramatta , NSW 2150 call Solutions Carpet Cleaning Specialist on 0404018765!!

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5 Best tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta      5 Best tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta

5 Best tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta        5 Best tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta

5 Best tips for carpet cleaning Parramatta

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